You may also know it as the bidet, and they come in many models ranging from manual bidets to electronic bidets which you can conveniently install on existing toilets, or upgrade to a full-service shower toilet. With technologically advanced features such as posterior and feminine air bubble cleansing, automated seats, built in air deodorizers, and even music, you can think of the Spalet as a mini spa that replaces your traditional toilet!

A manual bidet seat is operated by manually turning a side lever for a hygienic wash. This is an affordable and convenient option to upgrade your existing toilet seat and enjoy the hygienic benefit of cleansing with water.

An E-bidet (electronic bidet seat) requires an electrical point and comes with additional comfort features such as massage cleansing, warm water cleansing, heated seat and dryer, and is operated via a side control panel or a remote control.

This depends on your needs. Are you looking for an instant toilet upgrade without major renovations? A manual bidet or an e-bidet will be your fuss-free solution. Note that an e-bidet will require a socket point.

If you would like to elevate your bathroom experience to a new level, the technological innovations that a shower toilet offers (such as automated seat, room and bowl deodorizers, auto-flushing and even music etc) will be your preferred option.

E-bidets and manual bidet seats provide instant upgrade to your traditional toilet seat covers. Installation is as easy as slotting the bidet seat onto your existing toilet. Benefit from the cleansing properties of a thorough and hands-free cleanse, a mess-free and dry bathroom floor and a cleaner feeling.
Most infections are caused by bacteria entering the lower urinary tract – the bladder and the urethra. Toilet paper does not remove bacteria so much as simply moving it around, and can cause irritation and abrasions, making it easier for bacteria to get into your body. Designed with dual nozzles to eliminate cross contamination, a Spalet provides a gentle cleansing and improves your personal hygiene.
The Spalet is made for everyone. Even children and the elderly can benefit from using a Spalet.

A trigger spray does not offer much control and wets both the toilet seat and floor. Wet and slippery floors may pose slipping dangers, especially with children, pregnant mothers or the elderly.

Trigger sprays are usually positioned beside the toilet. A user will need to twist his body around to reach out for the trigger spray prior and after use. With the Spalet, manual levers (for manual bidets) and remote controls (for electronic bidets) are located on the side of the toilet seat for easy access.

A larger washing angle of more than 70 degrees has been proven to remove dirt more effectively. At this optimal angle, it also prevents dirty water from splattering back over the nozzles or around the bowl.

*Here’s an extra tip: Sit all the way in on the toilet seat to prevent yourself from getting your lower back wet!

Our Spalet range of products is distributed in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
As the water inlet of the Spalet is directly connected to the water source used for your showers and faucets, the water for feminine air bubble cleansing and posterior cleansing come from a fresh water supply to ensure a hygienic cleanse.
85% of survey respondents prefer dual cleansing nozzles as it provides dedicated cleansing for posterior and feminine areas. Dual nozzles also minimize any risk of cross contamination as they are self-cleaning and made from anti-bacterial materials.
The feminine air bubble cleansing is a dedicated gentle cleanse for ladies. This nozzle directs a gentle stream of warm, aerated water for a soothing shower over a lady’s delicate region.
The detachable nozzles make cleaning easier and they can also be easily replaced.
The nozzle shutter enhances hygiene standards by providing a cover over the nozzles, preventing waste product (if any) from coming in contact with the nozzle tips. It provides an additional level of hygiene assurance for users.
Yes, our Spalet range of products have between 3-5 levels of water pressure adjustments and 5 levels of nozzle position adjustment. These are easily controlled by a user-friendly control.
Posterior cleansing offers a strong, direct spray for thorough cleansing for the rear.

PlasmaCluster is an air disinfecting technology which effectively removes bacteria from the environment. PlasmaCluster technology works just like your room air-purifier. It generates positive (+) & negative (-) ions, and releases them into the air. When ions come into contact with mold, bacteria or virus, they transform into OH radicals, instantly drawing hydrogen (H) from the proteins on the bacteria surface and breaking down the proteins. OH then combines with Hydrogen to form water (H2O) ions and this returns to the air.

*Note: PlasmaCluster may not be applicable to some regions and models

User comfort is one of our top priorities, which is why the comfort seat has been thoughtfully researched and shaped to match human curves for an ergonomic fit.
Heated seats usually require two-piece construction, which usually results in a visible seam that collects dirt and bacteria. Through a unique INAX process, our seat’s warming element is encased between two stain-resistant resin pieces, resulting in a seamless seat that stays naturally clean. As there is no visible crevice between the two pieces, little or no dirt can accumulate, making cleaning much easier for you.
You may activate the power saving mode on the control panel, which stops water and seat heating functions in order to conserve electricity. Cleansing and flushing will still operate. Original settings will resume after 8 hours.
Our customers’ safety forms the backbone of our design processes, and rigorous testing and extensive quality checks are performed for each of our products. The three pillars of safety standards –thermal, electrical and fire—are put in place via the use of flame retardant materials and built-in safety systems.
The main power and electrical components, such as the seat heater, have built-in safety systems that completely cut off electricity in the event of a current overload, short circuit or device failure.
The heated seat, case, and circuit board elements are all made of flame-retardant and selfextinguishing materials. They are certified to meet the UL 94 safety standard in tests for flammability of plastic materials, for parts in devices and appliances.
The dryer is built with flame-retardant materials, and uses a thermal controller to keep air at a precise temperature. In the event of overheating, the dryer’s thermal fuse cuts off the heater’s electricity, making sure the operating temperature does not exceed the heat resistance of the case.
Yes. All our Spalet products have to undergo 30 safety assurance tests and 80 long-life durability tests, and meet 400 original INAX criteria before they are verified as quality assured.
Yes, please contact your local country to enquire on product warranty.
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