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Sunshine International Hotel Xiangxi 湘西阳光国际大酒店

Shen XiaoLong
Glamour E-bidet

Since ancient times, Xiangxi’s exotic landscape includes gorgeous natural scenes where ridges and peaks roll over one another. Tujia and Miao ethnic minorities make up the majority of the prefecture’s total population and still maintain their traditional folkways. Destination visitors will delight in quality folk handicrafts sold in local fairs. The design concept for Sunshine International Hotel Xiangxi was a “Dream back to Xiangxi”, where one is taken through the axis of time and space in each of the hotel rooms. By blending four core elements of this mystical land – the tradition, folk art, nature and modern fashion, an elegant boutique hotel sprawling with a great personality is born. Glamour E-bidet was the choice for the bathrooms to provide luxurious cleansing comfort for hotel guests as they are a breeze to install and delivers superior personal hygiene to international travellers.