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Media Center Phoenix Hotel Dalian 大连菲尼珂斯酒店

AEROZEN Integrated Shower Toilet

Known as the “Northern Pearl” and summer resort of China, the city is also termed as China’s ‘football city’ and the ‘fashion city’. There is a saying that goes: “eating in Guangzhou, playing in Shanghai, while dressing in Dalian”. Dalian hosts the Dalian International Fashion Festival every September. Parks adorn this garden city and the architecture style is an international one with European and Russian architecture, traditional Chinese buildings and Japanese villa buildings. Unlike other historical cities, visitors flock to Dalian for its beautiful beaches and international ambience. The Media Center Phoenix Hotel Dalian is home to 427 guestrooms and suites, with modern and plush interiors to cater to the international palate. The AEROZEN Integrated Shower Toilet was chosen for its dynamic look and advanced technology. With a low tank design and automated cleansing functions, the shower toilet elevates sanitary standards for guests and is a modern match with the hotel’s standards.