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Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok

Mr. Thanawat Sukhaggananda

An Award-winning hotel in Asia Pacific 2016, Grande Centre point Sukhumvit 55 is located in the Siam Square of Bangkok’s East side, well known for its classy bars, boutique shops and hip restaurants. Also known as Thailand’s largest Onsen hotel, guests can unwind at the hotel’s Spa & Onsen. The pure indulgence at a day spa extends to the bathroom as well. Today, a bathroom has become a personal sanctuary and increasingly considered as a living space for personal pampering. This was the special retreat that our customers sought, and why we chose American Standard’s Eurozen shower toilet for guests to enjoy a complete personal cleansing experience with spa-like features. With the Eurozen’s automatic flushing function which can identify the type of flush based on the time spent on the toilet, the Eurozen helps save water and reduces the use of tissue paper at the same time.