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Xian Paradise Hotel Of Han Dynasty

郭刚 Guo Gang
Acacia E Integrated Shower Toilet

“Xian” in Chinese, literally translates to “Peace in the West”. An ancient capital city for some of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, it is a favourite haven for those interested in Chinese culture and its people. Xian is also home to a famous lake – Hancheng Lake. Located in the northwest of Xian city, Hancheng Lake is one of the new favourite destinations for tourists as it combines the natural scenery of the reservoir and horticulture design. Xian Paradise Hotel of Han Dynasty, is located on the side of Hancheng Lake, and highlights the traditional Chinese culture in the hotel’s design. The hotel’s interior marries the merits of the Chinese and current modern styles to offer guests with an ultimate indulgence. Reflecting the same interior concept, the streamlined Acacia Evolution Shower Toilet from American Standard was selected for the establishment for its revolutionary cleansing ability and elegantly sculptured design.