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The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel

Hiep Nguyen

The Myst - abbreviation of the word ‘mystery’ - offers travellers a unique exploration of the unique culture, art and history in Saigon when they stay in "the green oasis”. Inspired by the alley spaces of Saigon, The Myst architecture is the amalgamation between ancient and modern, reminiscent of a Saigon that has been called the Pearl of the Far East, yet visitors still enjoy the comfort of modern facilities with advanced technologies, which was the motivation for the choice of a shower toilet to perfect the traveller’s experience. Each room is a journey in time to explore the unique details of the former Saigon. The rooms are filled with folk Vietnam paintings, bedspreads, ceramic crafts, bath grindstones and refurbished old dressers. Each item is a strong representation of the soul of Saigon.